Grace Gems

A Treasury of Ageless,

Sovereign Grace,
Devotional Writings

Our Purpose
To humble the pride of man,
to exalt the grace of God in salvation
and to promote real holiness in heart and life.

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"Our desire is that the Holy Spirit, who is the Divine Revealer and
Interpreter of Christ and His truth, may impart to your hearts a sober, spiritual and sanctifying receptivity of His Word — abasing self, and exalting Christ! Our intention is to unfold and illustrate the Lord Jesus Christ in the relation in which He stands to His people to unveil His glory, beauty, and fullnessto define the close bond of union that unites to Him all His people — and to bring you into a more personal realization of what Christ is to you, and of what you are to Christ." (Octavius Winslow)
Our objective is to set before the Christian pilgrim some reflections which may prove challenging, consolatory and encouraging — as he journeys up from this bleak, arid, wilderness world, leaning on his Beloved.
May God's blessing attend our humble effort to minister comfort to the downcast, strength to the weak, and courage to those who have set their faces towards their glorious eternal home.

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