"You are complete in him." Coloss 2:10

Nothing could be more important to the Christian. Amid all his infirmities and imperfections, his fears and cares, his consciousness of sin and mourning for guilt, he is still complete. He lacks nothing. He may finish his pilgrimage with joy, he may look forward without fear--he may rest in hope--he may rejoice in the glory of God. What an encouragement it is to him, in his dark and trying days! What a joy in looking forward to his departure! The whole work of his salvation is accomplished. The Savior has undertaken and finished the whole amazing task; and to the struggling, faithful servant it is given to believe, and hope, and triumph in him. I would consider the blessedness of this title for myself. Soon my earthly warfare will be completed, and I shall come to the last hour of my trial. Then Christ must be my all. He has always been so. He will not refuse to be so still. I am complete in Christ.

1. He is all my STRENGTH IN LIFE. The life that I now live is by faith in him. I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me. His perfect righteousness furnishes all my peace--his secret strength enables me for every conflict--his divine power carries me through every trial--his gracious presence fills me with thankfulness and joy. Thus far has he led me on. All his ways concerning me have been good--all his works regarding me have been gracious. His blood alone can cleanse my past sins--he alone can set aside my guilt; and in him only can my works appear acceptable in the sight of God. But in him all this is possible and provided. Though I am wholly weak, I cannot fear, because his strength is made perfect in weakness. Though I am completely vile, I cannot despond, because his merit triumphs over my unrighteousness. Though I have done nothing worthy of acceptance, I cannot doubt, because he can present me blameless before the Father. I lack nothing, because he has everything; and though memory tells of nothing but guilt, faith tells of a Savior who has blotted it out, and will not mention it again forever.

2. He is all my HOPE IN DEATH. When I come to that hour, he will sustain me. He is perfectly able to do it. My confidence is in him alone. I shall finish my pilgrimage just as needy as I began it. Not one thing have I ever been able to lay up for myself. I shall come to its close in his own way; I know not, and I have no reason to care, how. He has ordered it. But whatever may be the instrument, or the method, he is the hope and the strength of my soul. When I stand on the margin of the river, and look across, I will mention no other name than his. When I close my eyes upon every earthly relationship, I will not despond. He is more than all, and cannot forsake me. Is my mind dark? I will look up to him. Is my conscience unhappy? Is my spirit fearful? Is my soul downcast? Oh let me look up to him! What can I desire but him? There I am complete. Who can enrich me more? No; I will calmly, thankfully lay me down in death, and take my rest, for he makes me even there to dwell in safety.

3. He is all my PROSPECT OF IMMORTALITY. I shall live forever, because he has died. It would have been eternal death, but for him. I look forward with joyful confidence. I know that I am wholly guilty. The law will condemn me. The holiness of God must cast me out. Heaven cannot receive me. I can offer no one reason from my own life, to set aside this fearful result. And yet, acknowledging it all, whom should I fear? Christ has magnified the law for me; he has answered every charge against me; he has prepared a robe of righteousness to cover me; he will claim for me the reward of his own obedience; he will certainly be justified; and I shall be justified in him. Thus a blessed immortality opens to me, and I am complete in him. Not a tongue can rise against me in judgment which he cannot set aside; not a demand can be made of me which he cannot answer. I will humbly, but boldly, stand in that great day, to plead his spotless excellence, and to rejoice in the hope of his salvation; and I know that I shall not be confounded.

4. He is all my GLORY IN ETERNITY. The day will never come to me, that Christ will not be all. I must stand forever in grace. I must rejoice forever in the work of his hands. His presence is my heaven. His favor my life. Communion with him my happiness. Obedience to him my employment. Likeness to him my recompense and my joy. Oh how glorious will be that everlasting day! I shall see him as he is. I shall be separated from him no more. I shall be made able to enjoy his glory. I shall be taught forever in the school of his Spirit. His countenance will be my book of study. His Spirit my unceasing teacher. The Father's glory shining in him, the great subject of my contemplation, and my learning. Yes; it is glory--inconceivable glory! But all this glory is complete in him. Who else brings a single ray! Who else adds a single particle? What other name is ever mentioned in connection? To whom else is any portion of the honor to be ascribed?

5. This is the happy issue of my present journey. All its provision is in him. I am complete in Christ. As I travel onward, he is my strength. As I come to the termination, he is my hope. As I look forward, he is my prospect of acceptance. As I anticipate still further, he is all my glory. Yes; he shall be so. I will mention no other name. I will not doubt his sufficiency, or question his power. I will strive, with my whole heart, to cleave to him.

Glory to you, exalted Lamb!
O Holy God! O Great I Am!
With all my powers, your grace I bless;
My joy, my peace, my righteousness.

Live, ever-glorious Savior, live,
Worthy all blessing to receive;
Worthy on high enthroned to sit,
With every power beneath your feet.