Hiding with God

James Smith, 1860

What a mercy it is to have a God to go to in trouble! A God whom we know, in whom we can confide, and to whom we can appeal with success. A God who loves us, and rejoices to do us good. We need him . . .
in sorrow to comfort us;
in trouble to sustain us; and
in danger to defend or hide us.

David found him to be his "refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble;" and therefore in danger he cried out, "Deliver me, O Lord, from my enemies, I flee unto you to hide me!" Or as the margin reads, "I flee to hide me with you." Psalm 113:9.

Where should a child flee but to its father;
where should a wife flee but to her husband,
and where should a Christian flee but to his God!

The Lord hides his people at times,
in the secret of his tabernacle,
under the shadow of his wings,
and in the hollow of his hand.

Then, the enemy cannot find them, or cannot reach them, or cannot injure them. He hides us from . . .
the rage of man,
the sword of divine justice,
and the designs of Satan.

He hides us in every evil day, until the calamity be overpast. "I flee unto you to hide me." My hope is in you. My trust is in you. My safety is in you. Yes, it is not what we are, or where we are, that makes us safe; it is the Lord's hiding us. Let us not therefore fear, whatever convulsions may take place, whatever troubles may arise, or whatever changes we may experience: for the Lord is the same he is at hand, and can and will deliver us!

"I flee to hide me with you." You have invited me to come. You have promised me safety. You have befriended me before. I shall not only be safe with you but I shall feel at home, I shall be happy, as well as safe. As the wearied dove fled to the window of the ark so will I flee to you. As the manslayer fled to the city of refuge so will I flee to you. I will look to you, and to you alone for support and support. I will expect from you, and from you alone, consolation and supplies.

With you, my faith will be strong!

With you, my heart will enjoy rest!

With you, I shall fear no evil!

Yes, I will flee to hide me with you, for you are plenteous in mercy, and you are the orphan's God. You have been the dwelling-place of your people, in all generations; be my strong habitation, whereunto I may continually resort; and in every time of danger, let me hear you calling me, to come and hide myself with you. With you! O how blessed! With you! What more can I long for!

Reader, do you know the Lord? Have you ever fled to him for refuge? Have you found him to be a present help in trouble? If not, "Acquaint now yourself with him, and be at peace." Look at him as he is revealed in Jesus. Go to him as dwelling in Jesus. Plead with him the name of Jesus. Seek from him, whatever you need for the sake of Jesus. Ask him, in you, and by you to glorify Jesus.

Believer, be much with God. Realize his presence everywhere. Walk with him day by day. Trust him with all your concerns. Act always as under his eye. Ever live, as if the great end of your life was his glory. Hide with God, from . . .
the fascinations of the world,
the designs of Satan,
and the dread of death.

Hide with God daily, hourly and let him alone be your fear, and let him alone be your dread. Make it your one business to please him, and in pleasing him, never trouble about who takes offence, for he will make the wrath of man to praise him, and the remainder of that wrath, he will restrain. Hidden with God, you will be safe in life, and happy in death! Hidden with God, when Christ who is your life shall appear you also will appear with him in glory!