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Archibald Alexander

Timothy Shay Arthur

Richard Baxter

Louis Berkof

Horatius Bonar

Francis Bourdillon

Hetty Bowman

Archibald Brown

Robert Dale

Samuel Davies 
Most faithful author

Jonathan Edwards

George Everard

Newman Hall

Edward Griffin

John Angell James 
Most practical author

John MacDuff  
Best devotional author

Al Martin

Matthew Mead

J. R. Miller 
Best author on practical Christian living

George Mylne

Charles Naylor

John Newton

William Nicholson

Edward Payson

J.C. Philpot
Most experimental author

Arthur W. Pink 
Best modern author

J.C. Ryle
Simplest author to read

James Smith

Charles Spurgeon 
Best evangelistic author

William Bacon Stevens

Thomas Watson 
Sweet Puritan author

Octavius Winslow  
Most comforting author

Unknown author, "The Barked Fig Tree"

Unknown author, "Divine Care"

Unknown author, "Hope"

Unknown author, "Jesus, a Friend"

Unknown author, "All Sufficient Grace!"

Unknown author, "Christ in the Storm!"

Unknown author, "Divine Superintendence"

Unknown author, "Pleasant Readings for the Home"

Wilhelmus A'Brakel, "The Fear of God"

Thomas Adams, "The Passion of Christ"

American Tract Society

John Abbott, "The Christian Mother"

James Alexander, "The Cultivation of Personal Piety"

James Alexander, "Uses of Chastisement"

Henry Alford, "May Your will be done"

Joseph Alleine, "The Gospel in a Map"

Albert Barnes "Life at Three-score"

Albert Barnes "Life at Three-score and Ten"

Edward Bickersteth, "Christian Parenting"

David Black, "The Deceitfulness of the Heart"

David Black, "Seeking the Things Which Are Jesus Christ's"

Robert Bolton, "Heart-Surgery"

Archibald Bonar, "Genuine Piety"

Andrew Bonar, "The Cup of Wrath!"

Thomas Boston, "Death"

Thomas Boston, "The Resurrection"

Thomas Boston, "Hell"

E.M. Bounds, "The Devil and the Church!"

Thomas Bradbury, "Comfort My People"

Thomas Brooks, "Christ's Love for us"

James Buchanan, "The Key of Death!"

John Bunyan, "Visions of Heaven and Hell"

George Burder, "Death and Judgment!"

George Burder, "Heaven and Hell!"

Joseph Caryl, "Confession of Sin"

Thomas Charles, "Affliction, Its Use And Benefits"

David Clarkson, "Soul Idolatry"

Milburn Cockrell, "The Master of the World!"

Theodore Cuyler, "God often removes our children!"

Theodore Cuyler, "Christian Recreation and Unchristian Amusement"

Theodore Cuyler "Prevailing Prayer"

John Dagg, "Heaven!"

John Dagg, "Hell!"

John Dagg, "Eternity!"

Thomas Doolittle, "Motives to Love Jesus"

Thomas Doolittle, "Eternity"

Anne Dutton's Letters on Spiritual Subjects  *Best female author

John Eadie, "The Love of God"

John Eadie, "The Ultimate Purpose of Christ's Love and Death"

John Eadie, "The Savior's Sympathy with the Afflicted"

Darryl Erkel, "New Testament Church"

Ebenezer Erskine, "The Groans Of Believers Under Their Burdens"

Ralph Erskine, "The Vanity of Earthly Things and Worldly Enjoyments"

John Flavel, "Christ Altogether Lovely"

John Flavel, "The Christian View of Death"

John Gadsby, "Waiting at Wisdom's Gates"

James Knowles, "Frequent Change of Ministers"

John Gill, "The Love of God!"

Gospel Standard, "Deliverance from Prison"

Andrew Gray, "A Door Unto Everlasting Life"

A. Hall, "Distress of Mind"

Newman Hall, "The Voice of Jesus in the Storm"

Joseph Hart's Spiritual Autobiography

Nathaniel Hawthorne, "The Celestial Railroad"

John Kershaw, "Spiritual Blessings in Christ"

F. W. Krummacher, "The Crucifixion"

F. W. Krummacher, "The Abuse of the Doctrine of Free Grace"

George Lawson, "God's Agency in War"

Robert Leighton, "Practical Commentary on 1 Peter"

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Christopher Love, "The Miserable State of a Man Without Christ"

Wayne Mack "To God Be the Glory"

Lachlan MacKenzie, "Once Upon a Time"

C. H. Mackintosh, "God in Everything"

Manning, "Christ, Our Only Rest"

Manning, "Worldly Affections Destructive of Love to God"

Thomas Manton, "Mortified Eyes"

Hugh Martin, "Joyous Spirituality of Christian Pilgrimage"

Hiram Mattison, "The Evils of Theater-going"

Hiram Mattison, "Popular Amusements"

Robert Murray M'Cheyne, "Conviction of Sin"

Robert Murray M'Cheyne, "Time is Short!"

Charles McIlvaine, "Preaching Christ"

Matthew Mead, "The Power of Grace in Weaning the Heart from the World"

Matthew Mead, "A Name in Heaven, the Truest Ground of Joy"

P.H. Mell, Calvinism

F.B. Meyer, "Amusements"

F.B. Meyer, "The Blessed Life"

F.C. Monfort, "Mysteries Made Plain Hereafter"

Adolphe Monod, "A Dying Man's Regrets"

Theodore Monod, "Looking Unto Jesus!"

Hannah More, "The Pilgrims" (an allegory)

George Muller, "The Benefits of Meditation"

George Muller, "Convictions and Teachings"

Thomas Murphy, "The Real Power of the Pastor Is in His Earnest Godliness"

Arthur Mursell, "Past Feeling"

Harvey Newcomb, "A Guide to Bible Study"

John Newton, "The Present and Future Rest of True Believers"

John Newton, "The imminent danger and the only sure resource of this nation"

John Newton, "More than a Calvinist"

John Newton, "The School Of Suffering"

Asahel Nettleton, "Rejoice Young Man!"

J.I. Packer, "Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility"

Benjamin Palmer, "Choice of Amusements"

Austin Phelps, "The Christian Theory of Amusement"

John Philip, "The Burden of Sorrow"

John Philip, "The Sorrows of Care"

William Plumer, "Job's Trials and Mercies"

William Plumer, "The Mystery of Sanctification"

William Plumer, "How God's people may make great attainments"

William Plumer, "A Sad but Instructive History"

Philip Bennett Power, "The Shadowed Face"

Philip Bennett Power, "Divine Guidance"

Phillip Bennett Power, "Self-Denial"

Elizabeth Prentiss, "Thoughts Concerning the King"

J.C.R., "Love Not the World"

Ernest Reisinger, "The Carnal Christian"

Legh Richmond, "The Dairyman's Daughter"

Legh Richmond, "The Young Cottager"

Ebenezer Rogers, "The Sovereignty of God in Calamity!"

William Romaine, "Humility"

W.J. Seaton, "The Five Points of Calvinism"

Philip Schaff, "Immortality"

William Sprague, "Treatment Due to Young Converts"

Gardiner Spring, "Human Sinfulness"

Gardiner Spring, "Discriminating Grace"

Gardiner Spring, "The Mission of Sorrow"

Gardiner Spring, "Death and Heaven"

Thomas Spurgeon, "Spiritual Worship"

Thomas Spurgeon sermons

DeWitt Talmage, "The Ministry Of Tears"

William Thompson, "Habit, and the Formation of Character"

Henry Thornton "Amanda, Theodosia and Eusebia"

William Thoseby, "Foot-prints on the Sands of Time"

William Thoseby, "Heavenly Dew Drops"

John Todd, "Habits"

Robert Trench, "The Beneficent Design of Affliction"

Cornelius Van Til, "Why I Believe in God"

Thomas Vincent, "Fire and Brimstone in Hell, to Burn the Wicked"

Thomas Vincent, "The Only Deliverer from the Wrath to Come!"

Thomas Vincent, "Christ's Manifestation of Himself"

Thomas Vincent, "The Vain Securities of the Wicked"

Johannes Vos, "The Separate Life"

William Walters, "The Theater"

Jared Waterbury, "Joy in God's Providence"

Thomas Wilcox, "Honey Out of the Rock"

Henrietta Wilson, "Little Things"

Whitmore Winslow, "The Hidden Life"

The Fearful Estate of Francis Spira!

The reading of good sermons is the most underrated kind of Christian literature on the market today. In former centuries, the reading of sermons was the bulk of the mature Christian's reading diet. Most Puritan books, for example, are sermons edited for print. Sermon reading keeps believers in the Word, matures the soul, and whets the appetite for good preaching. It promotes Christ-centered thinking, healthy self-examination, and godly piety in every sphere of life. Though nothing can replace the Word preached, sermon reading has one advantage over preaching—the sermons that made it into print are usually the minister's best! Tolle Lege—"pick up and read" great sermon books, especially those of past centuries that are packed with spiritual meat." —Joel Beeke

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